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MS Orange is for Halloween

The (United State’s) National MS Society’s official color is orange, but I still prefer to consider it Halloween’s hue. Taking a break from all of my writing homework has allowed me to kick back and listen to SPPPOOOOKKY tunes. Love this Edwyn Collins one: it reminds me of the Monster Mash…. Hoping no one’s multiple sclerosis is eclipsing all of the seasonal fun.

Be healthy and happy!…


A Little Seasonal Music

I’m swamped with school stuff here and the holidays are starting to bog me down, so I’m turning up the YouTube and taking a chill for a little bit.┬áJethro Tull is one of my favorite groups and they have an interesting, non-traditional Christmas album that I enjoy each year. Here’s one of my favorites from the album:

MS Break and Labor Day Weekend

It’s honestly great to have been away from routine multiple sclerosis writings. Although the condition is a big part of my life, I try not to let MS rule. And I have the luxury of being well enough to actively seek respite, but seasoned and knowledgeable enough to never take the respite for granted. The summer has come and gone and my mind’s been elsewhere. I’ve maintained some writings here and I will see some changes occur in September concerning my New Mobility work as well as an innovative project that will also be starting.

Enjoy your end-of-summer weekends and the possible new beginnings that this time of year often bestows.

Man on the Moon

Hard to believe that it’s been 40 years since the Apollo 11 space mission brought the first men, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, to step foot on the moon. I was yet to be here, but my older brother and my parents watched on their black and white TV as a HUGE accomplishment took place. I do recall being home from school, years later, to witness the Challenger shuttle disaster (with brave teacher Christa McAuliffe as part of the crew.) Life went on and through more successes and mishaps the space program continued.

Here’s to the accomplishments of some mighty brave individuals who have inspired us to push beyond our imagined limits, and to see that we’re all little wonders within this vast universe.

Lift Me Up

I’m usually not one for religious music (this song is considered part of the Christian Rock genre), but I believe it has a message that transcends ideologies:

Serenity Now

I like to watch this video when my MS nerves are shot. It doesn’t change my situation, but I imagine myself as the eagle where I am temporarily free. Do you feel it too? The ending in pretty profound as time slows down.


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