MS Brain Games

Those with multiple sclerosis are often affected by cognitive problems– lesions within the brain can alter memory, verbal comprehension, and analytical skills. Two online games work to build mental stamina and accuracy, as well as comprehension for increased brain speed:

1. I was recently contacted by the website initiative to review its resources: adaptive online help, needs assessments, and the new MyBrainGames application. Having tried out the games, I’ve noted the use of memory-building (remembering a list of items), association-building (making connections with words), dexterity-building (using hand movements to “reach” for things or “jump/duck” to avoid other things), and identity-building (picking out like items) applications.

Players can track scores and watch their progress over time. There are several levels for the games so players can also advance their individual skills. With the website’s adaptive technology, players with visual impairments can also alter settings for the best screen view, something not often considered on regular internet games. is a fantastic website that thoroughly examines helpful adaptive technology specifically for MSers. It is also run by people with MS who KNOW first-hand about impairments.

2. Another valuable internet game that can stretch Msers’ mental skills is oddly located on Facebook. This interactive community has many games and one in particular proves to be quite challenging and speed-testing. “Who Has the Biggest Brain” can be accessed through a Facebook account and it tests analytical, calculative, memorizational, and visual processing skills. I found this game more difficult— it involves complex calculations and memorizations— but I enjoyed the pace and found myself going back to increase my score. The downshot with this game is that there are no easy screen alterations for better clarity: the game is intended for the general population.


  • myMSmyway games are addicting ! Beware or plan to be on the site for awhile and enjoy. I had a blast.

  • Interesting, I’ll check it out.

  • First Bridge, then Hold Em, THEN maybe (maybe cause I’ve seen my shrinking brain and it ain’t perrty.) size up my brain. VERY important though, kidding aside, to work your brain every day. Everybody should.

  • I also have been living with MS 11 years.momentum

  • I am so thankfull for this challenging site,and so glad you guys are here!

  • Jo Ann

    Super Site!

  • I”m so glad to have the opportunity to play “brain games”
    Have had m s for a long time
    So it is fun
    Thank you,

  • I have had m.s. For 8 years. I can no longer work, I am so board so depressed. I try to live like normal, but no longer can.

  • Jen

    Hi Sherri—

    Here is a link to the National MS Society’s “find a chapter” page. I’m not sure if you’re connected yet, but your chapter in Milwaukee might be able to link you to things to make this journey a little easier and a bit more fun: support groups, links to counselors, and local events. It’s never simple and I’m finding the key to feeling worthwhile is to stay occupied with things that I love (even if I have to modify the methods). Hope this helps and if you have any specific questions, I can be reached at


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